Tord’s Testimony

My new life began in 1994 - when I met Jesus

I was born and raised on the West coast in an ordinary Swedish family. We were taught as children to always tell the truth, never to use foul language and sometimes come along to Church.

Early on we were taught to lend a hand to the needy. To share ones money and possessions was an important part of our life.

On one occasion, when my mother was going to send a box of clothes to people in need in foreign countries, all of us children helped by making sandwiches - I think it was bread with butter and cheese - and then we put them into the box. We felt that people who were not so well off did not only need clothes but also food. Several weeks was needed before the box would arrive at its final destination - something we as children did not know at that time - but it was for a good cause.

When I was twenty years old I moved to Stockholm to study at college and later further my education within business economics. I started out working in an office and later as a business salesman.

God started to get my attention at the beginning of 80’s; I went to different churches and listened to some Christian music. But it never came to more than that. I gave all my strength to companies that I had started. Gradually God disappeared from my life.

But sometimes, when caught in traffic jam on my way to work, I thought about of my life. I was wondering if there could be more to it - new car, new house, travels and new companies - but suddenly the phone would ring and the hectic day continued. This went on for years.

In the beginning of the 90’s I went through a divorce. I turned to the city night life in search for the answers of life. I was involved in several relationships but still searching for a purpose in life. The change came in January of 1994. On my path of searching I left behind many broken hearts. Now it was my turn - I was left behind in the same way. I experienced sinner’s guilt and God was given the opportunity to enter my life and touch my heart. Three days later I visited a church. I knew that at the end of the service the pastor usually would give people the opportunity to surrender their lives to Jesus (accept salvation). I waited for the service to be over so I could surrender to Jesus. At the very moment when I gave my life to Jesus, I experienced how a large back pack was lifted from my shoulders. From that moment on, my new life began - I was 43 years old. Instead of giving my life to the city night life I now attended as many prayer meetings as I could.

During the following years I had the opportunity to participate and organize several Christian projects and conferences. I learned to trust Gods Word and I was completely dependent on Him to be able to see the projects I had been given through.

In October 1994 I had sold most of my companies and needed the Lord to give me directions for what I should do in the years to come. I then received these words, “Tord, you have given 40 years of your life to yourself. I want you to give me the rest of your life.” After hearing these words I put aside everything that had to do with company life and working for my own benefit and started to work exclusively for the Lord. The profit from liquidating the companies was given to the Lord and to a Christian company which I founded. This company is today the leading Christian IT company in Sweden.

During my first 12 years as a Christian I was completely dependent on God to accomplish the tasks I was given. Today, I am not only dependent on the Lord for the tasks at hand; I have also fully committed myself regarding my daily provision.

I rely on Him. He has never let me down since I became a Christian and received salvation. The list of miracles and answers to prayer that I have experienced is by now quite extensive.

The first Word from the Bible that I received from the Lord was Joshua 1:8-9, “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

May the blessings of our Lord be upon you life!

Stockholm 2009

Tord Larsson